Market Study On High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation


The client wants to conduct a market study on partnership opportunities with ElectroMed to understand the business opportunities with HFCWO in the US and Europe. The project scope is as follows: Company Analysis Target Patients and Market Adaption Key clinical evidence Reimbursement landscape and Clinical path Distribution landscape for High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillator Key Market Players


Research findings were delivered as a custom report including: In-depth Company profiles of target companies Relationship with LINAC companies Partnership with any radiotherapy products company List of sales and distribution channels of the LINAC companies.


We will mine paid and public sources to obtain information on the scope provided. The types of sources that will be referred to are as follows: Annual Reports And Other Filings Of The Target Companies Domain Specific Websites Such as Directory Of Radiotherapy Centres (DIRAC), And Others Business Presentations, Articles And Blogs, Press Releases Of Target Companies Other relevant sources We also collected insights through primary interviews. We contacted the following respondents: ?Field Service Engineers Service Managers Technicians Senior Executives Other Relevant Industry Experts

Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was extremely satisfied with the study and it met the client’s requirements