Case Studies

Brand Perception & Feedback Study For A Leading International School in India


The client is one of India’s fastest growing education sector companies and it has faced some issues in filling student seats in locations such as Hyderabad, Mohali, Bangalore and Visakhapatnam. It would therefore like to understand the attitudes and behavior among potential customers in these locations. The purpose of this study is to provide inputs for the marketing, branding and service offering of the school and ensure it in alignment with customer needs and concerns. The client wants to understand perceptions and mind-set among SEC A+ parents in the target locations who are or have recently been choosing schools for their children.


We delivered a report covering : City Overview Segment Overview Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Children, Schooling and the Private School Sector School Selection Process School Selection Criteria and Views Competition Analysis Impact of Different Touchpoints Impact Of Different Communication/ Messaging Awareness and Perceptions Of The International School Stimulus Response Recommendations & Conclusions


TBRC adopted a two-phase approach to obtain the information required by the client – In-Depth Interviews – IDIs were conducted by experienced moderators in four locations –Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mohali, and Visakhapatnam. We conducted a total of 10 face to face IDIs with parents in these four regions. Interviews lasted for approximately 1 hour and contained around 15 key questions. The IDIs were analysed in order to help form the final quantitative survey questions, and specific findings highlighted in the final PowerPoint presentation. After IDIs, quantitative CATIs (100 in each region) were conducted by experienced interviewers in the four target regions. Random sampling was done within the target population, in order to gain a representative response reflecting the attitudes and concerns of the client’s parent group. Respondents drawn at random from a database of relevant targets.

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was very happy with this research study as it met their requirements.