Case Studies

Manufacturing Process of Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU) Market Study


The client wants a detailed understanding of the two manufacturing processes that are currently in use for manufacturing of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) in the US, European Union, China and Taiwan. The scope for this study is as follows: Quality Analysis for each process Equipment and production cost for each process Criteria to be considered for separation of the processes Key production processes used by major suppliers


Research findings were delivered as a custom report including: Insights on better process among the tow processes Opinions on adoption of belt method in 2021 with appropriate reasons Business policy suited for belt (Band casting) process Business policy suited for Reactive extrusion Process


We used primary and secondary research approaches for conducting the study. Secondary sources: Domain Specific Websites and Magazines such as Plastic Technology, Plastics Today Company and Industry Association Websites Annual Reports and Other Filings Primary Interviews were conducted with the following people: Plant/Manufacturing Managers Engineers/Technicians working at Manufacturing Facilities Product Development Managers Technology Managers and People involved in Research Procurement Managers working for these companies Other relevant Experts

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The research study met the client’s needs helping the client to get a better understanding on the most meaningful process to adopt among the two processes along with the associated business policies for both the processes.