Case Studies

Mortgage – Origination/Application Competitive Intelligence


Our client is a market intelligence company, serving top tier organizations to understand market vulnerabilities. Now the client wants to understand the mortgage application process. The scope of the study is as follows: Information on key mortgage process List of key tools used Timelines for approval Key resources involved Others


Research findings were delivered as a custom report including: List of Key Tools used by competitors Responsiveness by competitors Key strategies Most popular features offered


We gathered the mortgaged related information from the following sources:Websites ,Annual reports/regulatory filings of the target companies? Websites of industry associations such as American Financial Services Association, The American Association of Private Lenders, Mortgage Bankers Association? Domain specific websites and magazines such as National Mortgage News, National Mortgage Professional, Mortgage Professional America and others ? Social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn? For this project we gathered insights from the following people: Customer support executives, customer success managers, mortgage loan officers, business development managers

  Client Benefits And Feedback

Through this study the client was able to understand the detailed process for mortgage application.