Case Studies

Vendor Analysis of Natural Antioxidants Made From Rosemary Extracts


The client was interested in a report on the following – Vendor analysis of top five to ten manufacturers of natural antioxidants derived from rosemary extracts in the US and Europe. Sales volume and sales revenue of the antioxidants derived from rosemary extracts. Information about rosemary extracts including features of rosemary extracts, manufacturing procedure, and its applications.


Presentation showing break downs of the data including: Rosemary Extracts Market Characteristics Rosemary features Extraction process Applications Regulations for rosemary antioxidants Competitors Overview Company Profiles Business overview Product offerings Rosemary product range and product pricing Strategy, key news and sales value.


Company profiles of manufacturers in the US and Europe were made using secondary and primary sources Revenues from anti-oxidants based on rosemary extracts for each company are estimated based on inputs from primary research with various executives from the companies, financial filings of companies and product portfolio analysis.

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was satisfied with this research study as it met their requirements.