Case Studies

Optoelectronics Competitor Benchmarking


A leading optoelectronics manufacturer wanted a detailed competitor benchmarking study in order to: Identify its key competitors Evaluate them according to standard parameters Assess competitor strength Develop strategies based on a better understanding of its competitive position


The in-depth research and findings was delivered to the client as: Overview and findings Competitor peer group with justification Competitor assessment by parameters including: product pipeline, patents, brand share, revenues, social media presence. Weighted competitor ranking based on parameter scores Assessment of the client’s competitive position based on its benchmarked strengths and weaknesses Competitive strategy action points


We conducted thorough research through:- Secondary research: Company websites, annual reports, social networks, IEEE, FDA, US Patent Office, European Patent Office. Primary research: Interviewing industry management, sales heads, R&D heads, and academics. Our Analysts used the information gathered from the above sources, analyzed the data and offered a two-format solution to the client.

  Client Benefits And Feedback

Based on the study the client was able to: Identify its strengths and weaknesses and develop improvement strategies. Understand which competitors posed the greatest threat. Target competitor weaknesses. Gain competitive advantage, helping to improve the c