Case Studies

Competitor Study On A Wall Paper Manufacturer


The client wished to conduct a study on a leading German wallpaper manufacturing company to understand the following aspects of the company – SWOT analysis and 4Ps analysis Company products analysis Supply chain analysis Cost structure analysis Purchase intention of wallpaper for sales destination Purchase decision process


Research findings were delivered to the client in the Excel format covering – Company overview – key management, number of employees, sales value and volume, export ratio, amount of capital, manufacturing bases, product types SWOT analysis and 4Ps analysis of the target company Raw material suppliers and customers analysis Analysis of material cost, production cost, cost to distributor, and cost at end-user Key buying factors and success factors in the purchase decision process Recommendations to the client related to selling wall papers to distributors and end-users


We conducted research through: Primary research: 6-7 interviews with key executives working in the target company Industry experts and distributors Secondary research: We referred to resources such as industry associations, news sources and blogs, company filings, annual reports, and other publicly available information

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was very satisfied with the findings of our study. The client was able to gain insights on the target company and was able to devise a distribution strategy.