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We have offices in the UK, the US and India along with a network of trained researchers in 20 countries globally that help us conduct our research studies in other countries as and when necessary.

Nitin has more than ten years research experience from some leading research houses in India including ValueNotes, MarketsandMarkets and Progressive Digital Media. During this time he has covered a wide range of industries and been involved in both large consumer surveys and detailed technical research projects. He was born and brought up in India and has carried out many customer research projects in the country, including for Tech Mahindra, Phoenix Group, and Oakridge Schools. He also worked for clients such as Mitsubishi, AsahiKasei, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Kobe Steel, Fujifilm and others. He has a Bachelors of Commerce from Symbiosis College Pune.

Dilyara has done more than three years in market research. She has profound knowledge in the IT sphere as her educational background is Computer Science. The projects carried by her at Westminster International University in Tashkent helped her acquire good analytical and writing skills. She is fluent in English and has experience as a translator and interpreter: English- Russian-English. An Uzbek native, she has deep knowledge of Russia and the Near East region. In TBRC, she worked with clients such as GT Maritime and NEC Corporation. From the start, she has been involved in the research department.

Maureen is our Chief Editor. She is the former Director of the MBA programme at City University, UK and Head of the School of Business/Director of the London Management Centre at Westminster University, UK. She is the author of several leading texts in the field of interpersonal work communication.

Maxwell is a leading expert in market intelligence, due diligence and risk consulting in sub-Saharan Africa. He holds a B.Sc and an M.Sc in Economics, specializing in banking and finance, and has over 13 years work experience, which cuts across Investigative journalism, political and country risk, investment banking, research, consulting, rating and advisory. He has worked for leading research companies such as Gerson Lehrman Group, Zenith International Ltd, Euromonitor and Euromoney.

Renee has edited in the fields of history, the social sciences, and religion for clients in niche publishing houses, small publications, and businesses, as well as individuals. Renee holds a BA in English Literature from Yeshiva University (New York City), having graduated cum laude with a focus in creative writing. In 2013 she moved her family to Israel so her husband could further his education and fulfill a lifelong dream.

Debora has over 7 years experience in both management and moderation of several projects in Brazil and has worked on groups and home interviews in the UK. She has excellent communication skills and the ability to engage on sensitive subjects such as healthcare.She was co- founder of the Brazilian branch of TW Research, and developed specific skills for IT, fashion, beer, music and consumer goods projects by working with qualitative techniques including ethnography and online studies, quantitative and digital techniques.

Amreen is a market research professional with more than five years’ experience in investigative research primarily in the healthcare industry. Her expertise includes secondary research, primary research, data analysis, authoring competitive analytical reports and database management.She has a certification in market and social research from The Market Research Society, London, United Kingdom.She worked at Cognizant as a Senior Analyst and as a Medical Devices Analyst from 2010 to 2013 for GlobalData, a market intelligence firm.She is a graduate from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) in Bio - Medical Engineering.

Eva graduated with a BA (hons) in Design and Media Management and worked in video production for a while. She then completed a PGCE and became a primary school teacher. She writes short stories and poetry and particularly enjoys writing for children. She is bilingual in English and French, and more recently trained in copywriting at the Writers Bureau. She is currently working as a freelance copywriter, with the main focus being proofreading and editing.

Jon has been working on market and competitive research in the Chinese market for approximately five years. He has specialised in projects relating to chemicals, materials, automotive, mechanics, equipment, medicine and electrical equipment. Based in Beijing in China, he is fluent in Chinese and English. He has a Bachelors of Engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology and has worked for QY research and a number of other consultancies. He has completed projects in areas such as isopropanol, sodium permanganate, diatomite, portable ultrasound devices, oil shale, oled, and solar energy.

Mayank has around four years’ experience working as an analyst and business development strategist. He received his bachelor’s degree in commerce and finance from Osmania University and post graduate certification in international business from St. Mary’s University, Twickenham. Prior to joining TBRC, Mayank has worked with companies such as Cognizant and UBS Investment Bank in New York.

Quynh Nguyen is an expert in market analysis and feasibility studies, market entry, competitive intelligence, mergers and acquisitions profiling, and customer satisfaction studies.
She has provided consulting and advisory services to a number of institutions in different industries including coatings (architectural, industrial and wood coatings), healthcare services, medical, chemical industry and education in Asian areas, specially China and Vietnam.
She has been a senior lecturer in finance at a prestige university for five years, with a master degree in finance from a U.S. University.
She had also worked as an investment consultant for two years before going to the U.S. to study for a master degree.
She has professional experience in quantitative analysis, data analysis, financial analysis and financial modeling with many high-quality academic types of research presented at international science workshops.

Héctor is a Native Mexican translator, market researcher and biotechnology engineer. He is experienced in scientific research involving genetic engineering, directed evolution and production of recombinant proteins using bioreactors. He also has overall knowledge of the Mexican market tendencies and key players.

Piotr graduated with a Ph.D. (Eng.) in the field of environmental engineering and has over 20 years of experience within the area of personal protective equipment including interdisciplinary issues related to standardization, certification (type assessment), laboratory testing, safety and usability requirements, proper selection, usage and maintenance. His key knowledge is related to gas and vapor sorption as well as particle including nanoparticle filtration. He has excellent communication and managing skills achieved in performing a number of various projects related to technology and materials development, health and occupational safety, medical devices, environmental devices, furniture and toys, both on a national and international level. He cooperated with a number of large enterprises and SME's from Europe and China.

Kirsty has gained more than eight years experience in analysis since graduating from The University of York in Maths and Accountancy. Starting her career in M&A gave her experience in financial analysis, before she moved on to specialise in FMCG research and analysis as Senior and Lead Analyst at Global Data and FMCG Gurus, respectively. Her experience includes a wide range of projects including report and database management, as well as consultancies, working for clients including PepsiCo, Tyson foods and Tate & Lyle.

Andre is a professional translator and market researcher who has recently worked for one of the major telecommunication providers in Europe. He is capable of performing research tasks on a high quality level in Germany and surrounding European countries. He has now about six years of experience in this field.

Xavier has carried out business analysis projects with clients around the world, primarily for Thomson Reuters, the global information provider where he got to work out of Philadelphia, Paris, Edinburgh. He is well travelled and investigative by nature. His experience lays primarily in the Healthcare sector where he dealt with top 20 Pharmaceutical companies. More recently he also got involved in the Automotive, Legal and Fintech sectors.

Monica did her MBA in marketing from the University of Algarve. She also has an undergraduate degree in translation and conference interpreting. She is adept in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French. She was part of the Pharma Packaging & Labelling Compliance Conference in Spain in 2011. She is currently freelancing as a virtual assistant and professional translator.

Adesorn has over nine years of comprehensive international marketing and corporate communication planning and management experience. He is an expert in the area of business management, branding, strategic & planning communication, communication & marketing research, and research moderator. He completed his masters degree in Journalism and Communications, and is currently a candidate of PhD in Demography.

Marmon has more than 11 years of experience working with the Niger Delta Advocacy Movement. He has a masters degree from the University of Abuja. Marmon’s skills include conflict resolution, educator, fundraiser, and community engagement.

Mohamed has more than ten years experience in the market research field and has completed a wide range of projects for leading companies. He is well-versed in qualitative and quantitative research, healthcare research, mystery shopping, project planning, data analysis and collection, product development and strategy research. His experience spans across North Africa and the Middle East. He has a bachelors degree from Cairo University. He is proficient in English and Arabic.

Paul has about eight years of experience in delivering innovative and incisive qualitative and quantitative analyses cutting across diverse industries. He is well known in the market research world, having personally managed complex research projects for arrays of local & multinational clients. Paul holds a B. Sc. degree in Economics & Statistics from University of Benin, Nigeria.

Susanna is a public policy expert with more than five years experience specialized in macroeconomic, policy and impact assessment analyses. She is working for the Prime Minister’s Office of the Republic of Armenia as a senior expert since July 2019. She has developed several draft policies including Ban on Single Used Plastic Bags, State Procurement on Energy Efficiency Goods, Internet Gambling, etc. Susannah has conducted multiple analyses for international organizations like UNDP, USAID, and OSCE. She is proficient in policy and macroeconomic, as well as legal analyses, regulatory impact assessment, Cost-Benefit analyses and data evaluations. She is well-versed with Armenian, English, Russian and Spanish.

Joseph Constance’s journalistic career has covered a number of fronts – from personalized medicine and healthcare to developments in advanced industrial technology. He has extensive experience that has spanned publishing newsletters, and authoring reports and individual articles, as well as market research for the healthcare industry. He has authored a number of market research/business analysis and technology reports which are sold to companies in the healthcare industry –pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as diagnostic and equipment manufacturers. His strengths and specialties include media and messaging.

Moti is an experienced commercial and business development manager at the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in Israel and Palestine Authority. He holds B.Sc. in biochemistry and food science from the Hebrew University, and M.B.A with specialization in Marketing.
With more than 15 years of activity in the healthcare sector, Moti is skilled in providing in-depth market analysis for feasibility study and product introduction into the market, regulatory and access consultation, market potential, KOL’s engagement and project management facilitation. Moti is fluent in Hebrew and English.

Vicky majored in English translation and interpretation. She is a Chinese-English translator and consultant. Based in Tianjin, China, she provides Chinese-English translation, and China market research and consulting services including qualitative research, industrial tracking, China market entry strategy, competitor profiling, and dealer and supplier search. Vicky has good contacts with government institutions, international trade agencies and international associations. She has actively participated in many projects in areas such as IT software and hardware, professional AV, consumer electronics, agriculture and healthcare.


























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