Case Studies

Global Bottled Water Market Report


The client wanted to formulate a strategy to start a new business outside Europe. The objective of the research was Global bottled water market potential outside Europe and Russia Imports value/volume, import taxes and regulation in different regions and major countries Analysis of bottled water imports, especially the scenario in premium water segment. Price analysis at different levels of the value chain from production until the point of sale


Presentation showing break downs of the data including: Market Characteristics Market Size Analysis Imports Analysis Competitive Landscape Price Analysis Market Potential Analysis Conclusions and Recommendations


For this research project, we referred to a number of secondary sources and conducted 12+ interviews across the region with various bottled water manufacturers, distributors and retailers. All calls recorded or carefully noted with the permission of the respondent. Market sizing was done for 4 regions and 25 countries. The bottled water consumption data was calculated for each country using association data, primary inputs and competitor sales. Trade data and tariff information was obtained from various custom websites Pricing analysis was done based on store check data, import data and primary inputs

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was satisfied with this research study and was able to formulate marketing strategies to enter high potential countries based on the recommendations.