The Business Research Company provides in-depth industry coverage and analysis on 24 different industries in its reports, which cover 1600 markets accross 40 countries. We provide 600+ global research reports providing market, customer and competitor insight on the world's leading markets. Our industrial expertise employs in-depth analysis, industry leading research methodologies and sources, to provide reliable data which include market information such as market sizing, market characteristics, competitors and value chain, and other influential economic factors which help our clients make quick business decisions. We have generated 6000 datasets and 250 reports that provide qualitative market analysis.


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Biologics is an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry because of its ability to treat previously untreatable diseases. TBRC’s expertise extends to helping you design successful business models and focusing on key areas of product application. This will help you reach the right target audience.

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Healthcare Services

TBRC has helped clients analyze the market in this sector and provide data involving different healthcare establishments, services they provide and conditions they treat. We have over 100 datasets and 40+ reports on this industry, divided categorically into 4 segments and 369 sub-segments.

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Medical Equipment

The purchase and consumption of medical equipment used in treating and diagnosing various diseases, and in monitoring patients, has been growing rapidly. We cover medical equipment used by professionals as well as end patients, ranging from hospital supplies and diagnostic equipment, to ENT devices and wound care devices.

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Pharmaceutical Drugs

Our consulting team advises companies on increasing profitability and getting government approvals on drugs used in treatment of various diseases as well as vaccines that are used to prevent diseases.

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Veterinary Healthcare

There has been an increased awareness about animal health in recent years, which has led to many technological advances in the animal healthcare industry. Our reports cover the entire veterinary healthcare market based on animal type and diagnostics.


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Aerospace and Defense

A&D companies reach out to large-scale organizations and government agencies by using competitive pricing strategies. Our reports cover many segments within the industry that will help you make critical decisions and maintain new product development in line with the changing demands of consumers.

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We help identify the trends and opportunities available in agribusinesses by providing market information on animal produce, crop production and farming technics, and rural activities such as forestry support activities, greenhouse and nursery development and others.

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Our reports overcome challenges faced by small and medium sized companies in all categories of chemicals including information on their application, factors affecting their supply and demand along with their value chain.

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Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing

The changes brought on in this sector due to changing consumer and corporate behavior are dealt with in our reports that cover electrical and electronic manufactured products which cater to businesses as well as households.


Machinery Manufacturing

Heavy industries that require specific market information on machinery used in agriculture, metalworking, commercial and service industries and other such industries are covered in our reports.


Metal and Mineral Manufacturing

We help companies within this industry make critical market decisions and overcome challenges by providing valuable data of the value chain ranging from mineral extraction, refining and processing, to the finished metal and mineral manufactured products.


Paper, Plastic, Rubber, Wood and Textile Manufacturing

This industry accounts for over 9% of the global GDP. We do extensive research on manufacturing industries, along with the end products of the industry. We cover 8 segments and 175 sub-segments in our reports.


Transportation Manufacturing

Our reports cover many segments of this industry, including motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts manufacturing, motor homes, travel trailer and campers, truck trailers, and train and component manufacturing.

Communication, Technology and Media


Information Technology

IT services continue to make advances in the market and our expertise helps clients keep up with these advances, whether it be software, telecom, cloud or hardware services.



Keeping up with the fast-paced growth of the media sector (estimated market size of 1,922 billion in 2017), we provide reliable data on film, video, sound services, and other segments the industry deals with.




The construction industry brings in development and investment opportunities through its sub-segments such as residential and nonresidential construction, highways and bridges, and construction contractors.


Financial Services

This industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. Our updated reports cover latest financial information in terms of lending and payments, insurance, and investments.


Professional Services

There are several external factors that are changing the face of this industry day by day. Our datasets cover all the factors and more across all professional services- accounting, legal, marketing, advertising, management services and others.


Social Services

Our reports on this industry span across educational services, social assistance, individual and community service, and all other sub-segments.


Transportation Services

We use industry leading research methodologies to create datasets on transportation services covering transportation of all types- general, air, rail, truck, water, pipeline, and transit and ground passenger transportation. We also cover warehousing and storage in our reports.



This industry accounts for 15.5% of the global GDP. The major categories in the services segment are civic, real estate, leasing, commercial, and personal services which are all covered in the 30+ datasets provided by our company.

Retail and Consumer


Food And Beverages

Our analysts estimate the contribution of the F&B sector to be over 7% of the global economy. Our work includes leading sub segments of this industry such as meat, poultry and seafood, animal and pet food, dairy, frozen and fruit and vegetables, grain products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, etc.



With more than 6% of the global economy, the hospitality industry forms an important pillar of the market. We incorporate hospitality services such as residential and non-residential accommodation, food and beverage services, and casino and hotels in our datasets.



Although heavily dependent on consumer behavior, there are many opportunities for companies in the recreation sector ranging from amusement, arts, sports, spectator sports, gambling, museums, zoos, and others.


Retail And Wholesale

There is heavy competition in the retail and wholesale sector and we provide the information to overcome this challenge through our reports on specialty retailers, department stores, and e-commerce stores.

Natural Resources



Our reports on general mining, its support activities, the processing of metals and different extracted minerals help companies improve performance and manage operations efficiently.


Oil And Gas

This industry requires working in hostile environments and the optimum utilization of resources in order to develop activities involved in the extraction of crude oil, natural gas, petrol and petroleum extracts.



We help companies maintain a production and consumption balance through our reports on water, distribution of natural gas and generation of power, and data related to the supply and demand chain of utilities by businesses as well as end customers across the world.

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