Case Studies

Dairy Farming and Mastitis Treatment Market Study


The client is into medical care sector and also a manufacturer of medical devices. The client developed a bacterial test kit for milk analysis and wants to sell it to the dairy farming industries. In this study the client wants insights on the following: Percentage of Feeding and Milking Forms Current status of Mastitis Prevalence Willingness of Dairy Consultants to Use the Client’s Milk Bacterial Test Kit


Research findings were delivered as a custom report including: Percentage of feeding and milking forms Potential dairy consultants willing use client's kits Status of Mastitis and degree of veterinarian involvement Use of antimicrobials


We used secondary sources such as company websites, Progressive Dairy, British Dairying, Ministry of Animal Husbandry?, National Dairy Council, American Dairy Association, Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers, German Dairy Association, Dutch Dairy Association, and Others? Databases such as USDA, FAOSTAT, UK Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Statistics, Germany Thünen-Institut, Dutch Dairy Statistics ZuivelNL, and others We conducted Primary interviews with the following type of respondents: Dairy Farmers Veterinarians People working in Animal Husbandry Departments? Others

  Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was extremely satisfied with the study ad it met the client’s requirements The project supported the client in understand the dairy farming market, status of mastitis and willingness of dairy consultants to use milk bacterial test kits.