Telecommunications Alternative Data Outsourcing


A market research company offered a subscription product tracking alternative data relating to the global telecoms market. It wanted to: Expand the range of global telecoms regulations it tracked Cover more companies’ key operational metrics Increase the consistency and quality of its research output Reduce the cost of its Analyst function.


TBRC created a four-person dedicated team to support the client The team combined market research training with telecoms industry experience. The Team Lead had more than 10 years research experience and was familiar with running detailed and exacting research processes.


TBRC used and combination of its own experienced Analyst pool and key external hires to develop the team through the following phases: A client visit to the Bangalore office was used to train the team Detailed process manuals were developed KPIs were reported through daily mails The Team Lead acted as the single point of contact, handling reporting and managing issues and QC

Client Benefits And Feedback

The TBRC team allowed the client to offer a broader and stronger dataset to its subscription clients. With the subscription economy growing during the pandemic, this placed the client in a strong position to drive growth despite economic uncertainty.