Best Employee Of October 2017

TBRC has this month's “Best Employee Of The Month” award! The title of “Best Employee Of October” was given to Preeti Pattnayak who was awarded by Abdul Wasay, Data Consultant of TBRC, in the Hyderabad office on November 10, 2017. In addition to the “Best Employee Of The Month” certificate, Preeti received an Amazon gift card worth INR 3000/-. Preeti joined the TBRC family in October, 2016. Right from the beginning, Preeti has shown her dedication towards work in TBRC. Prior to TBRC Preeti worked in Progressive Digital Media. TBRC wishes Preeti to keep up the pace and continue working hard! P.S. If you are willing to be selected as the “Best Employee Of The Month”, strive to “be loyal, punctual, and hardworking”.

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