Knitted Fabrics Market (Dyed Synthetic Fibres, Pile Fabrics, Elastomeric Yarn, Warp Knit, Cotton Dyed, Synthetic Fibres Printed, Artificial Fibres Dyed, Lace And Others)

The knitted fabrics market consists of the sales of knitted and crocheted fabrics by entities (organizations, sole traders or partnerships) that manufacture knitted and crocheted fabrics. Companies in the knitted fabrics industry are involved in knitting weft (i.e., circular) and warp (i.e., flat) fabrics, the finishing of fabric including encapsulation, moisture management, sueding and several other customized finishes which improve appearance, properties and serviceability; dyeing of fabric, manufacturing and finishing lace and lace goods. These companies may knit only, knit and finish, or knit, finish, and further fabricate fabric products (except apparels).

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