Television Manufacturers Competitor Study


The client wanted to understand the after sales strategies and customer satisfaction strategies of top 5 television manufacturers and top 5 television retailers in the US, the UK and India, including information on: Corporate policy concerning product satisfaction improvement and after-sales service Indicators and numerical values for measuring customer satisfaction Repair methods and repair expenses Company strategy related to after-sales service


Research findings were delivered to the client as a custom report covering: TV manufacturer profiles by country with respect to their product segments, company financials, corporate policy on product satisfaction improvement and after-sales service, product guarantee period, storage period of repair parts, repair service types and costs and after-sales corporate strategy Conclusions and recommendations


We conducted research through: Primary research: 10+ interviews with senior executives from the industry Secondary research: Resources such as industry associations, news sources and blogs, company filings, annual reports, and other publicly available information

Client Benefits And Feedback

The client was satisfied with the findings of our study. The client could understand the competitors across the USA, the UK and India.